Lessons for Leaders 58: Boosting Morale Without Costing a Fortune!

Boosting Morale Without Costing a Fortune!

When morale is low, it’s really hard to get people involved and motivated and can feel like pushing boulders uphill. So how do you go about boosting morale in your team without it costing a fortune?

Listen into the episode where I share about:

  • Spotting the signs and circumstances
  • What you can do about low morale
  • An example of a client I worked with
  • Why you need to find out what’s really going on, rather than guessing
  • Several ways you can boost morale in your teams without it costing a fortune

Boosting Morale without Costing a Fortune

When morale is low it’s really difficult to get people involved and motivated and can feel like pushing boulders up hill. So how do you boost morale in your team without is costing a fortune?

Boosting Morale Without Costing a Fortune!

Differing schedules could hamper projects and delay work because colleagues may struggle to meet and communicate plans.

Listen to the varied list of things you might be able to spot or identify in your team or workplace so you can begin to look at the levels of morale.

“When we listen (and really listen) to what’s going on in the workplace, we can then get to the root of the problems rather than just guessing.”

“You (or whoever is doing this) needs to listen and be like a detective. They’re looking for clues and info that will lead them to the solution.”

Let people know that you hear them is the next stage to boosting morale.  All this takes is time and feedback.  I share on the podcast words and phrases you can use that help with this.

Then encourage engagement so that you raise productivity levels.

Listen in for a little exercise you can do that demonstrates how our mood can lift us or drag us down.  

“Mood is contagious and it can have a ripple effect if people are fed up and miserable.”

Celebrate Achievements!

This doesn’t have to be a big award ceremony!  Small, regular things like peoples’ birthdays, successes, and individual efforts go a long way to boosting morale.

I talk too about how corridor coaching and building trust by small, powerful conversations help boost morale as well as enhancing performance and deepening knowledge.

Many organisations I work with already have a great wellbeing plan, but bringing in someone like me to deliver training that is needed, supported, informative and helpful is a great way to help them to help themselves. That way you show you care, they see that you care and, as long as you’re walking your talk, there’s a universal message coming across.

There’s no point saying ‘organise this and that’, and then sending emails at ridiculous times of night or expecting people to be in on their day off; or

There’s no point working all through your holiday and telling them to take time off when you’ve given them massive targets and things to achieve.

That’s where training for healthy boundaries or resilience is important right now… To help them cope with hybrid working and getting back to whatever the state of play is for now.

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Emma Langton

Emma Langton

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Emma hosts the Lessons for Leaders podcast. Each week she brings you lessons, learnings, tips and advice to enable you to lead with ease in business, without stress, doubt and overwhelm so that I help you to increase your performance, be resilient and thrive in life. Emma has been providing coaching, training and therapeutic support for executives since setting up her business in 2011. Prior to that she spent over 20 years with people at the top of national and multi-national training and communication businesses.


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