Hi, I’m Emma Langton!

I’m an executive leadership coach, wellbeing trainer and hypnotherapist. 


I love helping you and your teams to elevate performance.

Emma Langton – My Story

Who Needs Executive Coaching

I’ve spent over 20 years with people at the top of business. Whether that’s been in my corporate career or in my coaching business, I’ve been there. Providing guidance, structure, support, clarity, streamlining thought processes, simplifying the stresses and making sure stuff got done! In essence, I’m the girl who’s got your back!

I love helping busy, stressed professionals and workforces to feel empowered, in control and able to enjoy life more.

By changing your mindset you get to feel more confident, more comfortable and still able to switch off.  You will feel more successful in work and in your personal life so you can enjoy feeling calm and balanced.

There are no magic wands (although I do wave my hands around a lot when talking!).  Instead I help you understand what affects you and your teams, how you function and give you personalised tools that work for you and fit with your lifestyle.  A lot of the tools and techniques I teach you, I also use in my everyday life, so everything is easy and practical, without adding more jobs to your to-do list!

I’ve helped people some amazing people:

Like the executive London lawyer with so much anxiety about demanding bosses that she kept crying in meetings. Four sessions and she’s in total control.

Like the CEO who was hiding his stress and anxiety and it was making him ill.  He couldn’t switch off at weekends and didn’t want to admit he was struggling.  After my coaching programme he says he can stand back from problems, he feels like he’s succeeding and he actually enjoys not being at work.

As an ex-corporate leader, I bring a different perspective from the usual ex-HR coach. My strategic and operational experience means I understand the pressures in real life and know how to make an impact that makes a difference to you, your performance, your abilities; at the same time, taking into account the impact on the business and across your teams.

Change is Always Possible

About Emma Langton

When I adopted my two girls in 2007. They were four and five years old when they arrived, and, quite simply, had far more needs than we’d expected. My eldest had so many additional needs there wasn’t enough space on the forms to fit them all in!

Our early experiences make us who we are, and my girls needed help with after-effects of their early life. That meant I had to learn very quickly about psychology, fears, anxiety and stressors. It also meant keeping emotions under control and not buckling under the pressure. My work life needed to be successful but I also needed to be available to provide support to our family, so I couldn’t let it drain my time and energy. My girls needed me. Using all my knowledge I incorporated healthy boundaries and great working practices that enabled me to do the work I love while giving me the freedom to be with my family. It’s about balance, and it is for you too.

It’s never too late to make a positive impact; change is always possible. The question is, are you ready to prioritise that? I made a choice to leave my corporate role to prioritise the girls, but I still love working in that corporate environment. When we love what we do, it doesn’t have to feel like hard work. Wouldn’t that be great for you and your team too?

As seen in:

Let’s Work Together

I work with business leaders and their teams to reduce stress, be more confident and manage change so that you develop effective leadership, increase resilience, improve the performance of yourself and your team and regain a sense of control.

That powerful combination of personal and professional experience means I’m ideally placed to understand your individual needs whilst bearing in mind the strategic direction of the business.

Whether that’s coaching for senior leaders or enhancing your teams with workshops, training and talks, I understand first hand how corporate structure works. I know what’s needed (and what’s possible) to make the difference that changes mindset, enhances performance and looks after wellbeing.

Finding the right coach, trainer or speaker is important. That’s why I always offer a free 30 minute session so we can find out if we’re a good fit. If you’re ready to talk about a solution that’s tailored to your needs and goals, book your coaching enquiry call or you can contact me by email using the form below..

Charlie, Chief Wellbeing Officer

Charlie the Cockapoo is the Chief Wellbeing Officer with me here at Elevate Coaching and Wellbeing.  He ensures that we always take breaks through the day.  He likes to help us go for walks, give our brains a break and get us away from the screen (and he can be a bit bossy and demanding about making sure that this happens!).  Charlie also loves to provide a warm welcome to clients who choose to see Emma in person in her garden room.

He also demonstrates his leadership skills to Dollie the Diva Apprentice! 

 Dollie, The Diva Apprentice

 Dollie is our apprentice wellbeing champion.  She provides lots of laughter in the office when she’s not being a complete attention seeking diva.  Like most apprentices in training she demands a lot of time and training but she’s getting there! 

She’s also taken on the personal task of creating a miniature crazy golf course for those who attend the garden room.  It is complete with little holes in the grass and obstacles to manoeuvre around!