Private Coaching

Coaching is a transformational process helping you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

If you feel like you’re:

Often working under a great deal of pressure and sometimes struggle to cope.

In need of a space to sort out your thoughts, put your mind in order and regain control.

Overwhelmed at times with no clear way of handling this.

Ready to reduce your stress and improve your emotional wellbeing and find different and better ways of coping.

The good news is that your mindset forms 80% of your success.


Since you’re probably already a successful leader, with my help, it’s going to be easier than you think to create the change. To get you there, I will use high-performance coaching techniques, therapeutic interventions, psychology, and neuroscience for even greater results. Work with me to work through challenging situations with a plan that is tailored to your needs.

What you will achieve:


Learn simple but effective stress management techniques so that you’re always performing at your best.


Confidently delegate to become more productive.


Trust in your abilities to make confident decisions in your work or home life.


Efficiently manage your busy life and job to become successful in all you do.


Establish a healthy balance between personal and work life.


Assess situations effectively by seeing the wider picture.

Elevate Your Performance with Personalised Coaching

I will always be honest with you about whether I can help and what I think will be the best way forward.

Let’s get started!

What is the process like?


Book a free call


Discuss your requirements

Bespoke proposal is created

Implementation plan is agreed

How It Works


1: Determine your requirements


2: Implement your coaching programme


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3: Reach your goals

Private Coaching Packages

With each package, you will take ownership of your actions by seeing clearly and understanding how you think, feel and respond to the challenging situations in your life. There are no complicated processes.  You will make positive changes with lasting effects on your mindset, boundaries and actions. You will feel more successful in your work and your life.

Laser Focus

1 x 90 minute call

  • Great for focusing on a single specific issue
  • Great for meeting a deadline or new challenge with confidence
  • Great for exploring new approaches that you can to implement in your work and life
  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • A 90-minute video call
  • Tools and resources to implement
  • Email support for two weeks after the call

Inspiring Intensive

2 x Calls or Half a Day

  • Great for getting to the heart of one or two key issues
  • Great for taking control of stress, overwhelm or pressure
  • Great for devising and implementing strategies to restore balance and confidence
  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • 2 x 90-minute calls OR half a day
  • Tools and resources to implement
  • Email support one month after completion

Exceptional Leader

3 Months

  • Great for tackling bigger issues that are holding you back
  • When you’ve tried other solutions but not seen results
  • Great for making long-term changes in wider areas of your work
  • Pre-call questionnaire
  • 6 x 90-minute calls fortnightly
  • Tools and resources to implement
  • Email support one month after completion

My best private client results come from combining:


Private Coaching

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“I now see that feeling stressed all the time isn’t normal. Emma’s given me tools I need to deal effectively in a healthier way. I have more confidence and have given myself permission to achieve a work / life balance. I can get back to being me!”

Catherine B

Chief Surveyor

“You’ve had a big impact on how I view situations and the associated stress and anxiety. I’ve continued to evolve long after sessions ended. You clearly made a significant change on my thought processes. Thank you very much for your help.”

Tony M


“It’s been really valuable to be able to let go of emotional baggage AND have techniques to manage stress levels in the future.”

Steve D

Managing Director

Feeling Overwhelmed?

That feeling of overwhelm can become a negative spiral once it starts.

  • You start to feel out of control
  • There’s too much to do
  • Not enough time to do everything
  • Worry or panic sets in
  • You can’t think clearly and everything seems so difficult
  • Before long, you’re wondering if you can cope at all

This free guide has simple steps to breaking that overwhelm cycle. You can use each step individually or all together. There are 7 simple and straightforward steps to get you out of overwhelm, feeling calm, clear headed and in control.