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Devon NHS Trust
Devon NHS Trust
Devon NHS Trust
Devon NHS Trust
Devon NHS Trust
Devon NHS Trust

ADS Electrical

Ascend Global Media

Autoweb Design


Boom! Global

Chapter of York (York Minster)

CiPD North Yorks

City of York Council


Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Disrupt HR York



Everymind at Work

Flourish Property

Forest Bridge School

Incommunities Housing

Kingdom Housing

Milton Keynes College



NG Plumbing & Heating

Pairings Wine Bar

Penelope Hope

PM Forum


Prestige Contracts

Quest School

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Yorkshire Leadership Group

Coaching Testimonials

Emma provided 1 to 1 coaching to me over a period of several months. Emma’s approach to our coaching relationship was very supportive throughout and she built trust very quickly. This allowed me to speak freely, and I felt as though she truly listened to me and understood where I was coming from.

I found Emma to be extremely pragmatic in terms of her advice and coaching style, always with a sense of humour, but importantly with empathy and kindness at the core. I left each session with a sense of purpose, feeling more confident and focused in terms of different techniques I could implement and draw upon.

I have found my coaching journey to be really beneficial and I’d recommend to anyone thinking of seeking a coach to go for it – thanks Emma!!

Jennifer Williams
HR BP Social Security Scotland

I enlisted Emma’s help as I was stressed, overwhelmed and really struggling with my work life balance. Being a business owner with two young children I felt like I was constantly fire fighting and both my home and work life were suffering as a result. Emma’s 1-2-1 coaching programme was a breath of fresh air and clarity. No unrealistic goal setting, just simple, straight talking advice that made sense. Emma has armed me with the tools and techniques to focus, work more efficiently, prioritise and let go of the crap!

Kate Latham

Director, Pairings Wine Bar

I had recently returned to work following a period of absence and was struggling to re-connect with colleagues and find my place as this had been a long-term absence due to stress and anxiety. I was finding it difficult to add boundaries and realised that I was quickly slipping back into the habit of absorbing colleagues’ anxieties and trying to ‘fix’ them.
Through my sessions with Emma I was able to explore areas that I was finding difficult.  Emma quickly got to the crux of the problem and helped me to put strategies in place. We also looked in detail at building resilience and I listen to Emma’s podcast a couple of times a week to keep me on track!
At each session we reviewed what had gone well since we last met and new areas to consider. By our third session I was feeling more confident and Emma helped me tackle one of my biggest issues – procrastination and fear of failure.
I finished the sessions feeling more confident, more skilled and more resilient.
Thank you – Emma! I highly recommend you.
Denise – School Leader

I was in a difficult position job wise and mentally. Emma was a welcome listener who provided sound support and advice and helped me to reframe my issues and how to approach them. I’m now in a much better place and have secured a fantastic new role because my confidence grew too.  Emma’s support was so helpful and appreciated during this time. I would seek Emma’s support again.

Niamh G
HR Manager

I feel TOTALLY different in the business, and in myself. I’m dealing with people exactly as I want to, on an equal footing. Amazing!

My sense of humour, fun and my decision making, its all back and better than ever!


Managing Director

I now feel more balanced and self-aware than I have done for years. Emma is sympathetic, professional and searching. She leads you carefully to an understanding of the problem, and the tools to resolve it.

Ian S


It was really useful to work with you.  Working in a stand-alone role is difficult when there is no-one to bounce ideas off or talk things through.

It gave me confidence and reassurance that I can do the job.


HR Manager

I went to Emma for help at a time when I was feeling anxious and completely lacking in self trust. Emma lovingly used a simple technique that allowed me to snap out of it and move on. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma for anxiety and stress.

Susie Ramroop


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I feel like I’ve had a weight lifted – the release already is incredible.

Never forget you are an amazing lady, you do amazing things.”

Kelly H

HR Director

“Working with Emma is like wearing noise cancelling headphones.  It enables me to tap into my inner voice, my self belief and everything I already know.  Now I only hear my voice and it’s strong, I trust it.”


Marketing Director

You’ve had a big impact on how I view situations and the associated stress and anxiety.  I have continued to evolve even after our sessions ended. 

You’ve clearly made a significant impact on my thought processes. Thank you

Tony M


I really value that I now have the techniques to manage stress levels and the ability to let go of emotional baggage.

I feel calmer and more in control of many situations in my life and able to manage work and life more resiliently.

Steve D

Managing Director

Emma has been a brilliant listener and has helped me to realise that feeling stressed and tired all the time isn’t normal! 

I feel she’s give me the tools I need to deal with stress more effectively and in a healthier way.


Senior Surveyor

Wellbeing Workshop Testimonials





Emma gave a presentation on ‘managing stress and anxiety to improve performance’.  Emma’s presentation immediately engaged the Zoom room, was welcoming and took me to a place of calm and gave me exactly what I needed. Even when I know what helps, for me, it’s easy to lapse into stress and ignore symptoms.  Really useful short group session and much more than I was expecting, thank you 🙂

Mike Leigh Cooper

March 2021

Emma’s workshop on ‘resilience in the workplace’ was delivered to our workplace in person and virtually as part of our wellbeing programme in 2019.  We found it highly engaging and thought-provoking.

It really highlighted the topic of personal resilience and why it’s so important. Emma gave a great overview alongside real practical advice that could actually be used afterwards.

Alyson Stroud


Great webinar today from Emma to the CIPD N Yorks branch. 

She provided practical and easy to use tools to help manage boundaries and beating the stress of the current situation (Covid 19 pandemic) and dealing with the changes associated with forced working from home.  I really liked her relaxed delivery and style.  11 out of 10.

Richard Pierce

Real People

I really recommend Emma’s sessions.  After getting great feedback from our colleagues on previous sessions we are delighted that Emma will be contributing to our upcoming virtual conference

Morna Bunce

Stowe Family Law

Absolutely excellent talk Emma!  I actually feel less stressed already.  Looking forward to trying out the ideas and sharing them with my workmates.  So many of us are spiralling right now so thank you for such a great workshop.  

Denise Dube

Managing Stress Workshop

“Another massive thank you – brilliant session!

The team commented on how engaging you were, how they were able to take things away from the session and also that they could identify with what was said.”


I wanted to say a huge thank you for the training session on Mental Health Awareness for managers.

The feedback was amazing – we had 82% turnout and that included the CEO too!


October 2020

I really enjoyed your session Emma!  Definitely something to be said when a session about dealing with stress leaves you feeling more relaxed afterwards. Thanks!

Amelia R

Java Developer Hargreaves, Managing Stress Nov 2020

Emma delivered the work-shop exceptionally well and left the members with a variety of brilliant tips on maintaining healthy work life boundaries. Emma was such a pleasure to work with and hope to work with her again in the future.

Kazee Clement

PM Forum 2020

Hypnotherapy Testimonials





I remembered my words, gave my speech and to be honest, performed with more confidence than I have ever done before!

Thank you!


Public Speaking 2016

I feel excited about life for the first time in two years!

I feel like I can cope with anything life throws at me.  Thank you.

Kate F


You made me believe! Believe I could overcome my problem, recognise that it was a temporary blip and I could and would get over it. I am smiling and walking tall again! 


Personal Development

I have done brilliantly, I haven't smoked any at all and I haven't gained weight either. Thank you for helping me with something so important with my health and life. I know I can come back to you if I weaken but I won't. 2017 Dawn - Hypnotherapy for smoking


The no smoking is going brilliant, a few slip ups but nothing major. Feel loads better and I’m tasting my food so it’s all good. Thank you so much.


Prior to arriving at the event I was nervous and shaking but it did not feel out of control. On the day, a few changes were made, past experience tells me I should have crumbled at that point and gone straight into panic mode. Amazingly this did not happen?! The social gathering afterwards was another challenge for my personality and again this did not appear to be as much of a struggle as it usually is. Without your help I would never had been able to attend the event. The whole experience has been amazing and unbelievable. I think I may book for 'top-ups' when my exams come round or just for boost! Thank you, Thank you!

2018 Georgina B – Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Public Speaking

I was a bit unsure what to expect when I made my first appointment for hypnotherapy. When I met Emma I quickly realised that the TV hypnotists are a world away from the profession of hypnotherapy. I was aware of what was happening the whole time. It's so easy and relaxed I wasn't sure whether it would have any effect, but it definitely did. I began to feel an improvement after the first session, even my family noticed a difference in my mood. There is no dwelling on painful memories, or bad habits, it's all quite fast moving, and the focus is on "moving on". Emma uses a variety of techniques, it is relaxed and natural with the emphasis always on the positive. Emma is very professional, not at all judgemental and she's approachable and there to help. I feel it's opened up a whole new world for me because it has removed barriers that have been there for many, many years.

2019 Hypnotherapy for confidence, stress and trauma

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