I’m Emma Langton

Providing Executive Leadership Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing Support

Elevating performance with coaching and workplace wellbeing support, group coaching, speaking, training, webinars and workshops

Executive Coaching

For organisations looking to elevate executive leadership skills and empower their leaders and managers through coaching and workplace wellbeing support.

Personal Development

For Individuals looking for executive coaching and wellbeing training to enhance focus and increase performance.

Workshops & Training

Delivering executive coaching and workplace wellbeing solutions that support, enhance and develop wellbeing and performance.

Change is always possible.

Do you need to enhance the performance of you or your team?

Are you ready to be a better leader?

Is resilience, hybrid working and mental wellbeing high on your agenda?

Group coaching and leadership training can enhance relationships, improve skills and equip leaders to enhance performance and engagement in their teams.

Good leadership can be learnt so that it enhances connection, improves motivation and increases performance.  They inspire their people and create organisations with better talent retention and enhanced reputation.

Improved resilience has a positive impact on performance and wellbeing. Those lacking resilience get easily overwhelmed, stress and become unwell.  Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges

Workshops and Training

My coaching and workplace wellbeing support provides speaker sessions, workshops and training that result in highly engaged, resilient people in your organisations so that you can all rise to challenges, boost productivity and maintain wellbeing!  These are an example of some of my most popular workshops.  Get in touch to discuss your needs.

  • Stress Awareness and Stress Management (to ensure there is clear understand what can cause stress, spot the signs early, implement tools and tips to prevent reaching crisis point).
  • Hybrid Working and Healthy Work & Home Boundaries (to help with managing the work and home pressure, be more focussed, work effectively without becoming exhausted and feeling guilty).
  • The 6 Key Pillars to Ramp Up Resilience (sharing key tools, tips and advice so that your people have the ability to increase their resilience and cope better in challenging or difficult times).
  • Handing Emotional Offloads without the Baggage (also known as compassion fatigue or the ‘cost of caring’)  This ensures that your people don’t end up burnt out or ill from the effects of other people’s negative emotions).
  • Managing your Mental Wellbeing (so that employees can proactively manage stress, improve resilience and enhance wellbeing with proven tools, tips and advice on how to help themselves).
  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers (so that they can spot the signs of mental health issues, be confident having conversations with people about wellbeing or mental health and able to signpost effectively).

About Me

As an ex-corporate leader, I bring a different perspective from the usual ex-HR coach. My strategic and operational experience means I understand the pressures in real life and know how to make an impact that makes a difference to you, your performance, your abilities; at the same time, taking into account the impact on the business and across your teams.


“Thank you for making such a difference. The transformation has been incredible and I am so pleased I found you. There was an instant connection when we met and the outcome from sessions has been beyond expectations, so thank you so much.”
Sue W

Emma’s workshop on ‘resilience in the workplace’ was highly engaging and thought-provoking. It really highlighted the topic of personal resilience and why it’s so important. Emma gave a great overview alongside real practical advice that could actually be used afterwards.


You’ve had a big impact on how I view situations and the associated stress and anxiety. You clearly made a significant change on my thought processes. I’ve continued to evolve long after sessions ended. Thank you very much.
Tony M

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