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Elevating performance and wellbeing with executive coaching, group coaching, training, webinars and workshops

Executive Coaching

For organisations looking to elevate leadership skills and empower their leaders and managers.

Personal Development

For Individuals looking for coaching, training or hypnotherapy to enhance focus and increase performance.

Workshops & Training

Delivering wellbeing solutions that support, enhance and develop wellbeing and performance.

What Is Executive Coaching?

Coaching gives you a confidential and non-judgmental space for problem-solving support and offloading to help you reach your goals and desires. This will benefit you and your career, business or family.

Careful support, guidance and questioning can help you begin to see your situations differently and help you put different actions and responses in place.

Together, we can figure out how you can cope best with your life, your business, your career, so you can get where you want to go.

Who Is Coaching For?

Coaching can help you move forward in your life, career or business. There may be times when you feel a little stuck, want to grow your business, progress through your career or enhance the performance of your managers and teams, I support you with that.

If you’re an ambitious, high performing leader and feel that your struggle creates stress, doubt, overwhelm or affects your wellbeing then I help with that too.

Whether that’s with executive coaching, training or hypnotherapy, together we can elevate your performance and help you reach your goals.

Change is always possible.

Do you need to enhance the performance of you or your team?

Are you ready to be a better leader?

Is resilience, mental health and wellbeing high on your agenda?

If you’re an ambitious, high performing leader and your feel like you’re struggling in some way or needing to enhance the performance and wellbeing of your team, then you’re in the right place. 

Performance and success doesn’t have to cost you your health or wellbeing.

Change is always possible and the good news is, it can be easier than you think.

Workshops and Training


The good news is that Workshops and Training with highly engaged, resilient people in your organisations so that you can all rise to challenges, boost productivity and maintain wellbeing!  These are an example of some of my most popular workshops.  Get in touch to discuss your needs.

  • Stress Awareness and Stress Management (to ensure there is clear understand what can cause stress, spot the signs early, implement tools and tips to prevent reaching crisis point).

  • Preventing Blurring of Work & Home Boundaries (to help with managing the work and home pressure without becoming exhausted and feeling guilty).

  • The 6 Key Pillars to Ramp Up Resilience (sharing key tools, tips and advice so that your people have the ability to increase their resilience in these difficult times).

  • Handing Emotional Offloads without the Baggage (so that your people don’t end up burnt out or ill from the effects of other people’s negative emotions).

  • Managing your Mental Wellbeing (so that employees get tools, tips and advice on how to help themselves be well).

  • Mental Health Awareness for Managers (so that they can spot the signs of mental health issues, be confident handling this and able to signpost effectively).

Together, with executive coaching or wellbeing training, we get you and your teams to feel strong, confident and resilient, so that you will streamline your thought processes, set clear direction and enhance personal and team performance and wellbeing.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

That feeling of overwhelm can become a negative spiral once it starts.

  • You start to feel out of control
  • There’s too much to do
  • Not enough time to do everything
  • Worry or panic sets in
  • You can’t think clearly and everything seems so difficult
  • Before long, you’re wondering if you can cope at all

This free guide has simple steps to breaking that overwhelm cycle. You can use each step individually or all together. There are 7 simple and straightforward steps to get you out of overwhelm, feeling calm, clear headed and in control.

About Me

As an ex-corporate leader, I bring a different perspective from the usual ex-HR coach. My strategic and operational experience means I understand the pressures in real life and know how to make an impact that makes a difference to you, your performance, your abilities; at the same time, taking into account the impact on the business and across your teams.


“Thank you for making such a difference. The transformation has been incredible and I am so pleased I found you. There was an instant connection when we met and the outcome from sessions has been beyond expectations, so thank you so much.”

Sue W

Emma’s workshop on ‘resilience in the workplace’ was highly engaging and thought-provoking. It really highlighted the topic of personal resilience and why it’s so important. Emma gave a great overview alongside real practical advice that could actually be used afterwards.


You’ve had a big impact on how I view situations and the associated stress and anxiety. You clearly made a significant change on my thought processes. I’ve continued to evolve long after sessions ended. Thank you very much.

Tony M

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