Hypnotherapy In York

I specialise in providing hypnotherapy in York and online to help with stress, anxiety, fears and phobias. Working with me will help you overcome your worries and fears so that you can feel more confident and in control of your work and home life.

The hypnotherapy sessions can be online via my personal video-conferencing facility or face to face in my room in York.

Do you ever feel like the issues holding you back are too big, too complex or too entrenched to deal with?

Maybe you feel it’s unrealistic to want more out of life or too late to turn things around after so many years?

Perhaps you’ve tried other solutions, but have never seen results.

My hypnotherapy in York sessions get results because I dive in deep and help you tackle your issues at a subconscious level, so creating change is no longer a struggle. Instead, it becomes easy and natural.

The truth is ..

it’s easier to create long-lasting, positive change than you probably think …. you just need the right kind of help and support.

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You will be guided gently into a relaxed state of mind.


You will be in control the whole time. I cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do.


You will develop new ways of thinking and responding.


You will learn tools and techniques to support you to reach your goals.

Are You Ready to Make a Change in Your Life and Considering Hypnotherapy?


Whatever you might be experiencing, there’s no need to be concerned.   I know that everyone is different, that’s why I’ll work with you to provide a tailored plan to fit your needs.

The benefits of hypnotherapy in York and online are:


Reducing stress and negativity – so that you can feel more positive and optimistic.


Letting go of anxiety or fear – so that you are calm and in control.


Finding the confidence to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Achieve a better work-life balance, so that you can manage (and actually enjoy!) your busy lifestyle.

Hypnotherapy in York and Online Packages


Weekly for approx 4-6 weeks


Intensive for half a day


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Bespoke for even faster results

Still not sure if my Hypnotherapy in York or online is right for you?

Be assured that I will be honest about whether I can help you, so it’s always worth calling for a chat or booking the short free telephone discovery call.

I know that addressing your anxiety, stress, fears or other issues can be daunting, but the fact that you’re here means you’re ready to take the next step.

Check out my podcast, blogs and coaching for more information on how I can help you.

My best private client results come from combining:


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Private Coaching


“You made me believe! Believe I could overcome my problem, recognise that it was a temporary blip and I could and would get over it. I am smiling and walking tall again!”

Cathy B

“The sessions help you to give focus on yourself and the skills needed to feel calmer and more in control. I have a better understanding of my issue and how to continue the improvement.”

Louise D

Feeling Overwhelmed?

That feeling of overwhelm can become a negative spiral once it starts.

  • You start to feel out of control
  • There’s too much to do
  • Not enough time to do everything
  • Worry or panic sets in
  • You can’t think clearly and everything seems so difficult
  • Before long, you’re wondering if you can cope at all

This free guide has simple steps to breaking that overwhelm cycle. You can use each step individually or all together. There are 7 simple and straightforward steps to get you out of overwhelm, feeling calm, clear headed and in control.