Why Stress Awareness is Still Needed

Apr 22, 2021 | Lessons for Leaders, Podcasts

Why Stress Awareness is Still Needed

With stress awareness month running through April, I’m talking today about why Stress Awareness in the workplace is still needed. Even though we might think we are all aware of stress, according to the Mental health Foundation 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

With stress awareness month running through April, I’m talking today about why Stress Awareness in the workplace is still needed.

Even though we might think we are all aware of stress, according to the Mental health Foundation 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

I’ve been busy with my stress awareness workshops and stress awareness support packs so this week I’m sharing information about the pack so that you can learn

  • What I include
  • Why I decided to develop a stress awareness pack
  • Key things to be included

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With stress awareness month running through April, organisations are using this as a focus for their wellbeing workshops to support their people, reduce stress and improve performance.

What is needed in a Stress Awareness Pack?

The pack includes different elements of support, information, tips and activities so that you can embed the learning about stress, symptoms and causes so that your employees learn to identify stress early, in themselves and others, and enable them to be proactive in managing their issues.

If you listen right to the end, I’ll be popping in a discount code at the end for every listener.

Why I put together the Stress Awareness Pack

The people I speak to e.g. Jo at a law firm told me was that they are time poor and wanted done for you wellbeing resources from a trustworthy source.  They didn’t just want to go to google they wanted curated content that they can rely on.

Bob at Tech company – they want to deliver programmes to their people that are tried and tested and have a proven impact.  They also wanted information and resources that people can come back to time and again and have on hand, on their intranet and wellbeing area exactly when their people needed them.

Who is the Stress Awareness Support Pack for?

It’s for busy HR consultants and business leaders who haven’t got time to research, learn and deliver information about stress awareness.

It’s for people who want to augment their stress awareness activities.

Tackling the early signs and symptoms of stress via a complete employer wellbeing programme is simply good business practice. Not only should it help to prevent long term absences due to stress but by putting in place real solutions to tackle the problem, employees will undoubtedly feel more valued too.

What Should Be Included in Stress Awareness in the Workplace?

If you’re looking to implement initiatives around stress awareness in the workplace and want to be able to keep the momentum going throughout 2021 and beyond then the stress awareness pack has everything you need to do this yourself.

Create engagement, improve understanding and share your commitment to raising awareness across your entire workplace in a fun and informative way.

Support to Promote Stress Awareness:

  • Ways to promote the awareness and ideas to encourage participation so that there is a positive impact on employees which reduces stress absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.
  • Instructions that you can simply print, copy and paste so that you’re able to implement the stress awareness activities with your employees without getting stressed about it yourself!

Stress Awareness Fact Sheets and Checklists :

  • Easy to identify aspects to look for so that you can identify areas of stress within the workplace and key identifiers to look for so that you can eliminate workplace or people issues and improve performance, reduce attrition and ensure you maintain top performers.
  • A stress management checklist so that managers and HR can survey the workforce and gauge levels of stress in your workplace so that you know where to target improvements for better performance and work relationships which improve employee happiness and wellbeing.
  • Signposting for national resources, helpline and websites so that managers can direct people to support or display posters in the office, on your intranet and newsletters.

Stress Reducing Tools, Tips and Techniques:

  • A guided relaxation plan that can be used in a group or individually to aid rest and recovery from stressful situations.
  • A breathing technique that will enhance a pause in the individual and calm down the internal nervous system.
  • Other tools and techniques to choose from that are proven to reduce stress and enhance focus and improve performance.

Stress Awareness Activities:

  • A quiz to share knowledge, learn and provide interactive learning in a fun way that also embeds information firmly in employees minds.
  • 30 activities so that you can provide tips and tools across your chosen timeframe (usually a month) so that effective strategies can be learned so that stress can be more easily managed and controlled
  • Five discussion topics so that you can implement opportunities for conversations in the workplace.  This will ensure that you raise awareness and understanding and reduce the stigma of talking about stress.

Listen to the podcast for more information about exactly what’s included and how it’s helpful for your organisation.

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