Lessons for Leaders 36: Top 10 Tips for Fantastic Festive Wellbeing

Dec 17, 2020 | Lessons for Leaders

Top 10 Tips for Fantastic Festive Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing doesn’t have a holiday at Christmastime.  More so this year  – it’s important to take care of your wellbeing. Top 10 Tips for Fantastic Festive Wellbeing I’m sharing 10 quick and easy tips to help you stay well and enjoy the festivities.

Mental health and festive wellbeing doesn’t have a holiday at Christmas time.  More so this year  – it’s important to take care of your wellbeing.

Top 10 Tips for Fantastic Festive Wellbeing

I’m sharing 10 quick and easy tips to help you stay well and enjoy the festivities.

Listen in for life experiences, personal stories as well as proven tips.

I want to help you go into Christmas break in a way you can enjoy it, but come out the other side feeling rested and ready for 2021.

If you’re a manager or HR in the workplace, it’s also important that you have conversations and signpost people to support services that are available for your staff.  Encourage your people to do at least one of these tips for wellbeing, even if it’s not all of them. 

Encouraging people to take proper time off is important that you lead the way and send positive messages that give people permission to look after themselves and take care of their mental health and wellbeing.

What Are My Top 10 Tips for Fantastic Festive Wellbeing?


Try sticking to a kind of routine even if you’re not at work.  Now I don’t mean still getting up at 5am and working to midnight – or whatever it is that you do, but keep to some form of usual sleep and waking hours is helpful to keep your body clock on track.  Routines are first thing to go out of the window during holiday times. 

Having a routine means there’s less to think about in each day.

Hear more about how routines help with productivity, certainty and coping with change in the podcast.


Mental health professionals and self-help gurus put a lot of emphasis on boundaries because they’re the foundation of healthy relationships and a strong sense of self-worth.

Boundaries are my favourite subject and I explain how to say no easily, how boundaries create respect and why they are helpful at Christmastime.

Avoid Comparisons

Listen in for the great story about the comparisons in our street and how they backfired!  It was funny.  It also helps to explain why comparisons are not helpful and why you should give yourself a break and take the pressure off yourself.


I’ve talked previously in episode 34 about enhancing connections.  This year more than every it’s so important.  Make time to connect and be in touch with other people and listen in to why it’s important for your wellbeing.

Time For YOU

This is your holiday too.  Make sure there are things that you want to do, films you want to see, places you want to go (OK I know that’s limited). 

I explain in more detail on the podcast how you can set aside time to get a day or an activity that you like doing.

Also make sure that you have time for you to rest and repair and get ready for whatever is coming next in 2021.

Keep Active

It’s so easy to slump on the sofa and eat too much and watch films but try and make sure you do something every day – it’ boosts your serotonin – the feel good chemicals and helps to release the stress chemicals that have built up over the year we’ve had.

Food and Drink

Try not to over indulge throughout the whole holiday.  Get some good healthy food and lots of water to keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins of stress, alcohol and processed foods so that you look after your body and feel better in the long run.


I talk about this all the time on my workshops, training, coaching and on many other podcast episodes.  

Taking a breath creates the space to calm down your brain, it calms your internal system from the guilt and pressure and whatever else is going on and allows you space to think clearly.

I know this all sounds simple – but you actually have to do it!


Getting enough sleep is a no-brainer – but yet many of don’t do it.  Or the stress and anxiety keep us awake – so reducing those things, with the tools I’ve mentioned all sit hand in hand.

Listen in for more tips and reasons why getting enough sleep is powerful for your wellbeing, mental health and reducing stress.

Ask for Help

If you’re struggling with doing everything over Christmas, then please, please do ask for help.  I know people won’t always do things the way you want them done, but they will get done. 

Listen in for the thing that my husband does which is helpful … but also makes me need to leave the room!

Asking for help is a sign of strength.  Ask for help too if you need personal support for your mood, mental health or anything else.

I’m here for you and so are many other people and places.  Don’t struggle alone.  

Christmas wellbeing really IS achievable and enjoyable!  Stick to my top 10 fantastic festive wellbeing tips and you are sure to go into the New Year feeling good!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

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