Lessons for Leaders 54: Why We Need to Get the Balance in Wellbeing

May 14, 2021 | Podcasts, Lessons for Leaders

Why We Need to Get the Balance in Wellbeing

This week, I share my interview Scott McLennan. Scott is a Regional Manager at Santander, and has been in that career for 12 years.  Scott came on the podcast to share his thoughts on how leaders should be striving for balance, and how leaders should be more willing to show vulnerability in order to show others that they can be open.

This week, I share my interview Scott McLennan. Scott is a Regional Manager at Santander, and we have an amazing conversation about why we need to get the balance in wellbeing in the workplace. There is a ton of value in the conversation.

Some of the highlight on why we need to get the balance in wellbeing are:

  • The impact of your own balance on your team
  • How that balance can have a ripple effect
  • Why leaders should be more willing to show vulnerability
  • The one moment that had a huge impact on his team

This episode discusses how emotion in the workplace can have a ‘domino effect’ upon the other members of your team, and then onto your client.

Scott finds that with his position in the company, and the responsibilities that it holds, it is important that he is authentic as it is extremely important to his team of 165 people.

The world isn’t perfect at the moment, and it can feel like the hierarchical status of businesses have plateaued; like everybody is now on the same level at the moment.

Scott shares a story about this in which he shared some of his stories of failure with his colleagues, and how they felt that he was more a person instead of a title, after the fact. Being truthful in the workplace as a leader can help with performance.

The more I shared stories about my walk, where I’d been, even the mistakes through lockdown helped me show my vulnerability and put us all in a similar place with the balance in wellbeing.  So my team doesn’t see me as a job title, but as a person.

Scott McLennan

We also discuss motivation in the workplace. Motivation can be a difficult thing to find while in the workplace, but we share some of our own ways to keep motivated and happy, even in times of difficulty so that this also encourages everyone to get the balance in wellbeing.

‘It is so important to keep doing positive things, even if you don’t have to, because it helps you feel much more energised’

Scott McLennan

Listen to the podcast to hear this and more as we delve deeper into boundaries! A topic that I love talking about.

Scott shares his ‘petrol tank’ analogy and how his approach to his balance in wellbeing has changed through the pandemic and has improved his energy levels too.

How the walking 1:1’s had more impact and were more effective than being held online and also prevented zoom fatigue.

You can find Scott McLennan on his LinkedIn profile

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