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Why You Need Hypnotherapy for  Phobias

Why You Need Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Why Do You Need Hypnotherapy for Phobias? If you've been living with a phobia for some time, chances are it's bothering you more than you'd like to admit and that's why I always recommend hypnotherapy for phobias, above all other options such as coaching, CBT or...

Are We Born Knowing Fear?

Are We Born Knowing Fear?

Did you know that we are not born knowing about fear?  We learn fear from experiences and circumstances in our lives and it becomes an automatic response or reaction whenever we encounter those situations fearful again in our lives.   Sometimes a...

Feeling Overwhelmed?

That feeling of overwhelm can become a negative spiral once it starts.

  • You start to feel out of control
  • There’s too much to do
  • Not enough time to do everything
  • Worry or panic sets in
  • You can’t think clearly and everything seems so difficult
  • Before long, you’re wondering if you can cope at all

This free guide has simple steps to breaking that overwhelm cycle. You can use each step individually or all together. There are 7 simple and straightforward steps to get you out of overwhelm, feeling calm, clear headed and in control.