Resilience needs areas to be strong and calm.  This provides the foundations for you to live a balanced life.

When your mind and body are resilient, strong and stable, you will be strong and stable too. It forms the foundations of a powerful basis for everything you do in life.  Life is full of challenges and we cannot possibly avoid everything. Resilience is about that ability to deal with the rough and the smooth and be able to swerve the curve balls and get back on track.

When life knocks you down, you need that bounce-back-ability to be able to get up again.  That’s why we need to ensure we have lots of tools and resources in our lifestyle generally.  So if one area is weak, under pressure or overloaded then things begin to fall apart.

You need all areas of you to be equally strong. So think about where you have gaps or think about what situations mean that you have wobbles. 

Fitting things into your everyday life is the best way. You can’t always take a holiday or book a spa day – and anyway, if you’re living or working in a place of pressure you won’t have the time. You’ve probably got some other things you’d like to spend your money too!

Relying on things like spa days, holidays or even going to gym (whilst it’s great to do, you need space and time for this). Getting the balance to boost your resilience needs to be little everyday things that you can.

So I talk about a (kind of) A-Z to give you ideas.

There’ll be a whole load more. I’d love to know what you do so drop me an email or get in touch from my website. If you’ve really no idea what to do, or what will help, then also get in touch, lets book a call and we can talk about how my coaching can help you know exactly what works for you, how to manage your resilience, so you can be confident in dealing with life’s challenges.

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