How do we equip ourselves and the people around us to deal with difficult situations?

In this final episode of the Resilience month on the podcast I talk to Nicola Richardson who is a Business and People Mentor.  She works with businesses to get the best out of people, process and performance.

There’s quite a lot of good chat and sharing of information in the podcast but also a couple of key things I talk on the podcast this week that I think are important messages.

Nicola tells us what happened to her when she tried to power through and keep going after a significant life event.  She shares the detrimental effect it had on her health and also why that made her change things in her life completely.

We also talk about the healing power of crying!  Often other people struggle to see others crying.  Often too, as children we have been told “don’t cry” and so we learn to stem the flow and hold back the tears.

Nicola is running a workshop called Thriving not Surviving which will be helping people understand and identify what helps them and what is difficult for them.  

Nicola shares what hobby she has that helps her to zone our from the busy day.  She also says she still uses a great tip that I gave her regarding social media, where I advised switching off all notification so there are no distractions and that has helped her a lot too to filter information and not feel overloaded.

We also talk about the need to a good level of emotional intelligence and self awareness is needed.  It’s really helpful for us to build our resilience and when we are aware of our feelings and emotions, then we can do something about them, in an appropriate way rather than stuffing them down, ignoring them or having them overflow in tears or anger at times when we really don’t want to have them on show.

You can get in touch with Nicola via her website at if you’re interested in the in-person or online workshops that she provides.  The first one is on 26th April 2019 in Lincolnshire.

Have a listen and if this is useful, share with someone you think might help.

If you want more information on working with me or you have a question for me, then get in touch on my website.

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