This week I’m joined by Vicki Nicolson, Branding Designer to talk about getting the balance in business. You can find more about Vicki’s work at In middle of August Vicki had sent an email saying she was finally finding the balance in her business and the school holidays. Emma invited her onto the podcast to talk about how Vicki got that balance today in her Branding Business. Vicki talks about starting the business 3 years ago and despite thinking it’s going to be great running a business we have to do all things in the business, with accounts, marketing, key word google searches and a whole lot more. She found herself overwhelmed even though she was doing something she loved. We chat through the realisations, the self development, the support, outsourcing and what is the deal-breaker for Vicki. Vicki shares why she does this and how it’s important to remember this. Finally, we talk about what managing time and boundaries look like for Vicki too

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