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How do we maintain positive thinking in our lives? Does it sounds easier said than done? This isn’t just about telling ourselves things are “fine” or repeating phrases and affirmations like “today is a great day”. When we start to think positively we are re-wiring our brain. We create new neural pathways so that eventually, thinking positive becomes automatic. Listen as Emma dives into some tips on how to think positively and explains that negative thinking is a survival instinct. – Notice positives every day. Take 5 minutes each morning, evening, on your journey home to think about your day. – Keep a Perspective. It’s so easy to have the last hour of the day to difficult and then be telling yourself it was a rubbish day! – Turn negatives around by changing the way you speak about difficulties. – Surround yourself with positive people who support you. Book a call to discuss working with Emma at or go to

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