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What do we do when a Fear of Rejection stops us from moving forward and achieving? When we have a fear of rejection it can prevent us applying for jobs, asking for a pay-rise, sharing information about our work, promoting ourselves, giving an opinion …. the list is endless. Book a call with Emma to discuss how this can help you at at Listen as Emma explains why we fear rejection and covers ways of overcoming it with – Check out the root cause – Learn tools to keep emotions under control – It’s not personal – Keep perspective. – Improve your Resilience She shares how she overcame the fear she had too. Nowadays it’s very different way of surviving. So those no’s and rejections don’t have the power that our primitive brain think they have! Don’t let yourself get caught up in that fear of rejection. You can take action so that you no longer have to cope with the frustration of not getting where you want to be or not taking steps to get the outcomes you want.

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