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Often there are different stories we tell ourselves that can keep us stuck and stop us moving forward or make things difficult for us.

When we tell ourselves stories it can be to rationalise or justify why we’ve done things we done (or not done).  We might used past experiences and learning but there’s nearly always an emotional response to that story.

– “I’m not cut out for leadership”

– “It wasn’t meant to be”

– “I don’t have time”

Listen in at 3.0m about the story I was telling myself about how my business was a success.  In a way it was, but the reality was I could have done so much better and worked smarter.

6.27m  Often we do a comparison with other people and tell ourselves stories about how we’re just not enough in some way.  Outward appearance isn’t everything, but we can tell ourselves the stories abut why we’re not matching up to others around us.

The biggest thing behind this is our mindset.  The very first thing we need to do is learn what is going with our mindset.  We need to talk to ourselves as we would a friend, or even a small child, to be kind to ourselves, to change the language we use.

If you don’t support you, who will?  Sometimes we need that support externally too.

The fastest way to change our mindset, is to recognise the stories we tell ourselves.   

When you firmly believe in yourself and recognise what are stories and excuses you can increase your changes of success.  When you value yourself you add value to all areas of your life in general.

10.0m  Sometimes we grow up with a belief that no-one is there for help or support.  We grow up with a belief that we need to be self sufficient and cannot ask for help.  We must listen to those stories so that we can begin to change them.

Our stories give us a sense of who we are.  So if we are continually telling ourself we are “no good” about something, then it will hold you back.

Sometimes we need to learn something different, or even let go of old stories that we’ve been telling ourselves.

Think about some of those stories and see what you can do to begin to change that.  When you listen to the stories, you’re half way there to identifying what you need to do to change.

12.55m  Listen in about the funny but different ways we can view situations in our life through the ages.   Sometimes those stories change over time, if that’s the case, make sure the stories are beneficial and factual for you.  

But sometimes they do not serve us well.  So when you dive deep underneath the cause or reason, you can make those changes in your mindset and be really honest with yourself.  

Make those changes.  Re-write your story.

Let me know if you’ve been telling yourself stories.  Are they keeping you small or restricting you?  

You can alway get in touch me with or book a call so that I can help you identify what your stories area.

One of the reviews I got recently said I had ninja questioning skills!  

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