Wellbeing Workshops, Training and Support

How do you ensure that your workforce is happier, feels supported and is more engaged and why should you?

Studies show that happier employees are more productive and that means better outcomes for your business. Therefore, investing in improving well-being, resilience, stress and change management means that there is improved ability to cope with challenges and stressors of work and life.

It’s not just about improving how your employees feel – it’s about considering the impact that can have – negatively and positively – on your business with issues like presenteeism, absenteeism and attrition.

I offer a range of well-being initiatives which are tailored to your needs and so that we ensure they align with your company values, policies and people.

Flexible Tailored Support

Delivered through long or short workshops, online training, fact sheets, surveys and policy support your well-being initiatives will ensure that they meet specific outcomes that work to a supported and happier workforce.

Emma Langton Training

My clientele include:

The Impact of Staff Wellbeing

Help your employees increase resilience, manage change and improve work life balance so that they are more positive and less stressed in the workplace.

Stress management is an essential skill needed in the workplace for both managers and employees. In fact, employers have a legal responsibility to protect employees from stress in the workplace. Stress related claims are on the increase and the average amount of a claim per client is £100k.

In this fast paced busy world, stress is a fact of life, however the impact of too much stress means people feel unable to cope. Long term exposure to stress will impact on physical, emotional and mental health – and that will impact your workplace with poor performance, presenteeism, absence and attrition.

In a survey from January 2018 over a third (37%) of UK population feel stressed for at least one full day per week and more feel stressed for an average of nine days per month.

One in four of us will experience some sort of mental health issue in our lifetime.  It’s important that as an employer you understand the impact and work to prevent it.  The return on investment means you have healthier staff, less absences, reduces presenteeism and you retain your staff for longer.

15.4 million Working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 Labour Force Survey (LFS)

There are various factors that can cause work-related stress, which then impacts on performance, resilience, positivity and happiness. These can be:

  • Lack of support from line managers
  • Lack of clarity about role
  • High workload
  • Too much responsibility
  • Bullying
  • Tight deadlines
  • Organisational changes

In 2017/18 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and 57% of all working days lost due to ill health.

There are a variety of options to help improve the way your workforce feel and how well they perform at work. Some of these can very quickly make a difference, some will create a cultural shift for better long term outcomes. If you’d like to discuss the best way your organisation can support the wellbeing of you employees working contact me here with your details and outlining what you’re currently doing with regards to wellbeing and resilience in the workplace.

Training and Workshop Packages

These are some examples of the workshops and packages I provide.

Let’s work together to create a tailored solution for you.


In the Workplace
  • When the pressure of work and life can feel like a never ending situation, this can eat into your resilience ‘muscle’.
    During this workshop I’ll be helping you the most effective tools and techniques so that you can handle the high pressure, demands or difficulties without being frustrated, stressed or overwhelmed.
    This will help you improve awareness of yourself and others so that you can through your work with ease.

Achieving Work Life Balance

Without the Guilt
  • In the fast paced world of always ‘switched on’ and ever increasing demands in the workplace, it is still possible to achieve a work-life balance!
    During this workshop, we'll be working together so that you can embrace work-life balance within your company.
    Together, we'll be creating strategies that will help you to perform at your best as well as prioritise your health, your wellbeing and your personal commitments.

Handling Change

With Ease
  • Change happens regularly in large organisations and it can be challenging to manage your own fears and worries as well as those of your team or colleagues.
    During this workshop you'll learn how to adopt key strategies so that you can handle the changes without the fear, worry or resistance.
    You and your team can cope with the changes in a more positive and productive way.

Email me and discuss your options to to promote a culture of support, engagement and understanding amongst your employees.

Excellent session this morning with Emma Langton with some sound advice on achieving work-life balance with working from home in Covid19.

Routine, self-care and setting boundaries are key.

Stowe Family Law LLP

Emma's workshop on 'resilience in the workplace' was highly engaging and thought-provoking. It really highlighted the topic of personal resilience and why it's so important. Emma gave a great overview alongside real practical advice that could actually be used afterwards.


Emma gave an amazing talk, which hit home on several points and really made me stop and think - so thank you for that Emma. And I have taken steps already to make my business more successful.