Who Needs Executive Coaching?

I get asked a lot about who needs executive coaching, or I’m even asked

“What’s the point of executive coaching?”

There’s no single answer to this, since we’re all different!  I’ve found that my clients tend to come to me for at least one of these reasons:

  • They’ve reached a high level of success in their business but it’s starting to get on top of them and they feel like they can’t carry on like this
  • They’re coasting in their work, and finding it unfulfilling – all the zest has gone out of life and they think ‘there must be more to it than this’
  • They’re scared of being ‘found out’ as not really being on top of it all
  • They have a big goal in mind – maybe a promotion, career change or growing their business and they don’t know how to make it happen
  • Their relationships with friends and family are being neglected because they are thinking about work all the time.

The time to work with a coach is when you realise that it’s not working doing it on your own.

What happens in coaching?

There are some brilliant self-help books and study programmes out there, asking powerful questions and getting you to do some insightful exercises. And that’s great. I love those books.

But what happens if you don’t quite get to the core of the issue and just move on? Or (shock, horror) skip the exercises? I think we’ve all been guilty of buying a book, skimming it and wondering why it didn’t give us the transformation or the outcome we’ve been promised.

When I work with my clients I help them get clear on what’s holding them back – and very often, it’s not what you think it is.  I also help with skills, expertise, knowledge, tools, techniques.  Here’s another sign it’s your time to get a coach – you’re itchy for accountability and support (even if you’re a little nervous about it).

There’s no hiding with coaching – certainly not with me! Don’t get me wrong, it’s all explored with care and understanding. But if you don’t do the work, we’ll look into what’s going on to stop you.

We look at what outcomes you want, what goals you want to achieve and what’s really been stopping you.  With those blocks and limiting beliefs, we’ll get to the root of them, find a way to change them or move forward from them.  Whatever we do, we create change.  You will get clarity and understanding about how you think, feel and respond, without complicated processes.  You’ll make changes to your mindset, boundaries and actions in a positive way which will have lasting effects.

Isn’t Coaching a Big Investment?

I understand what’s often behind this question. It’s usually someone asking:

“What will I get out of it?” or

“Is it worth it?”

I’m a straightforward person and I’m not going to pretend coaching isn’t an investment. It’s not something to do as a new hobby because you’re bored. Yes, there’s a financial cost involved. But more than this, it’s an investment is of your time and your commitment to make changes.  It’s not just about the investment though.  It’s much more about you getting help and support so that you can reach your goals, dreams, desires.  It’s about the desired outcome.  That outcome is going to be different for each of us.

Sound good?  Great.  But let me be honest.  Coaching isn’t right for everyone.  Sometimes it’s not the right time, not the right kind of coaching, maybe you’re not open to change.  If that’s the case, I will let you know.  I’ll explain and even direct you to something else that might help.

So if you’re wondering whether coaching is right for you over the next few weeks, ask yourself:

  • Are there changes I know I could put into place myself? (If so, go and do them, and see what happens. You’ll still probably benefit from a coach but you’ll be in a stronger place)
  • Do I know there’s got to be a better way to handle my work and life? (If you’re totally happy with how things are, coaching’s not for you!)
  • Do I want things to be different strongly enough to invest my time and energy into making change happen? (If the answer is no, coaching is unlikely to work for you).

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Yes, I want my life to be different, yes, I want to feel calmer, happier, more in control.  Yes, I know I need some help to get things shifting”, then you’re probably in the right spot to think about coaching.

There are so many types of coaches out there that it’s important to choose the right person to help you with your specific issues. I never take on clients without talking to them first, so we can get to know each other. If you want to book in a free call here, or email me to ask questions here.


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