Why You Need a Happy Place

When things get too much in life, physically, mentally or emotionally it’s good to have somewhere to go to calm, recover, feel safe or to feel happy again. That’s why you need a Happy Place. So how do we make sure we can have that and be accessible all the time?

Well, we can create a space in our minds. Research shows that whether we imagine something or actually be there, the results throughout our minds and bodies are the same. So, we can create a Happy Place in our minds, so it’s accessible whenever we need it.

Creating Your Happy Place

Think of somewhere that makes you feel happy, calm safe (or some other positive feeling). This place can be real or imaginary! It doesn’t have to be in your house or nearby.

  • Take 5 minutes or so to sit somewhere comfortable.
  • Think of a place where you are completely relaxed, feeling happy or safe or calm
  • Imagine it vividly – colours, sounds, textures, temperature, smells – everything.
  • Notice how you feel in this place. Are you happy, calm or relaxed.
  • Notice where, in your body, you feel these happy or calm feelings.
  • Give this place a name or a title.

Regardless of where you are, whatever you are doing, practice thinking of or saying this name or title and notice those good feelings flowing around your mind and body.

How Do We Use our Happy Place?

When we have a place like this, real or imaginary, we can take ourselves there to rest, recover or just re-set our feelings and emotions. Notice with all your senses what you see hear, touch, smell, taste and even the temperature. This can change the sensations in our mind and body from whatever is unpleasant or negative to being more positive and comfortable.

My place (because I love being warm) is in a sauna which is not readily accessible! However my mum’s place is in her sewing room, with her sewing machine. Making lovely quilts, bags, cushions is her favourite pastime. The picture shows the sewing machine cover her friend bought her for Christmas which was sooo appropriate.

So where could yours be? If you struggle to think of somewhere look through holiday brochures or magazines for inspiration. Maybe you saw something in a film or a book? You can even make one up from a collection of ideas to create the best place ever!

Let me know where yours is and what makes it a Happy place for you. Use the comments box below or pop over to share on my Facebook Page.

This blog was originally posted on www.emmalangton.co.uk and an excerpt featured in Top Sante Magazine.


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