Lessons for Leaders 86: Mood Boosting Tips for January

Jan 13, 2022 | Lessons for Leaders, Podcasts

It might feel like a time to hibernate and stay inside with the damp cold weather, the long January with credit card bills coming from Christmas spends, but I’m here to share some easy and simple ways you can implement mood boosting tips.

In winter, the average person is 40 per cent less active than in May when rates of activity are at their highest in the UK.

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Mood Boosting Tips for January

It might feel like a time to hibernate and stay inside with the damp cold weather, the long January with credit card bills coming from Christmas spends, but I’m here to share some easy and simple ways you can boost your mood.

Summary of Mood Boosting Tips for January


When we exercise we release endorphins which are also known to be a natural pain killer and great at reducing discomfort.  It doesn’t have to be a marathon, a walk on a crisp sunny day is my favourite winter things to do – it also means you get to see daylight even if it’s just in your lunch break.  

Another mood boosting tip that release endorphins is laughter.  You’ll know I love a good laugh.  It really does boost your mood. 

Dark chocolate is another favourite and so too are some more traditional self care activities such as massages and baths definitely are mood boosting even though it might feel like you’re simply relaxing.

Dopamine is the Mood Boosting Reward Chemical

Listen in where I share what happens when we’re stressed and why we need to look at mood boosting activities in a slightly different way.

I often buy myself flowers because each time I look at them I get a little ooh feeling. 

But when thinking about mood boosting reward style activities you can also send a treat of some kind to your people in your teams too.

Listening to music.  I often recommend people create a playlist.  There can be upbeat music and calming music.  I even recommended classical to one client.

Oxytocin is the Mood Boosting Chemical Relating to Love and Connection

I first learnt about this when the girls came.  It’s a chemical that is released with love, connection and kindness.  Now obviously you don’t have to fall in love with everyone in your office or your neighbours, but remember the aspect of connection and kindness too.  Perhaps you can create acts of kindness – make someone a cuppa – send a gift – send some recognition or pay someone a compliment. 

Listen for more ideas about how you can boost this without the need for office romance!

Serotonin is the Mood Boosting Chemical that Stabilises our Mood and Happiness

Serotonin is the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness. This hormone impacts your entire body. It enables brain cells and other nervous system cells to communicate with each other. Serotonin also helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion

Get out in sunlight – I’ve already said about going for a walk in daylight, open the blinds as much as you can when you’re in the office or at your desk, even move where you sit to be in a brighter place – I had to do that and it massively changed my mood and my productivity.

Listen in for more tips and trick and what I do with clients to help the other big serotonin releaser – remembering happy events.

If it feels overwhelming, don’t worry, listen right to the end.  If you do just one thing – I share one activity that will hit 3 if not 4 of the feel good chemicals I’ve mentioned.

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