This week I’m joined by Vicki Nicolson, Branding Designer to talk about getting the balance in business. You can find more about Vicki’s work at

Creating Business Balance

In middle of August Vicki had sent an email saying she was finally finding the balance in her business and the school holidays.  Emma invited her onto the podcast to talk about how Vicki got that balance today.

Recognising the Overwhelm

2.15 Vicki talks about starting the business 3 years ago and despite thinking it’s going to be great running a business we have to do all things in the business, with accounts, marketing, key word google searches and a whole lot more.  She found herself overwhelmed even though she was doing something she loved.

3.30 The realisation when she was stood in her kitchen talking to her husband and realised she wasn’t doing things right.  The pricing was wrong and maybe she couldn’t even pay herself.  Vicki talks about how it takes a long time to build a business and what advice she would give someone if they were thinking of leaving her job.

Working on Mindset

7.30m  When she felt she hadn’t thought things through properly 3 years ago, it played with her mindset.  Vicki talks about the self-development work she did after the realisation in the kitchen and what she did to help herself progress.  There was a lot of mindset work, increasing her confidence, increases her prices and working smarter.  Vicki shares that she made some mistakes, especially when she had a book-keeper and really needed an accountant and how she changed accountants later too to someone who is really helpful and advising her to keep her on the right path.

Getting Support

11.30m  The deal-breaker for Vicki in her business is the Virtual assistant.  She explains how her life is organised and making balance in her business so much easier.

“She makes my life a breeze”.

‘We need people who want to help and are interested and invested in our business”

There seems to balance and harmony in my life with getting these things in place.  The balance gives us confidence to be able to work faster and smarter.  I even have someone who will do video editing now so that I can spend time with my son when he comes in from school instead of editing videos.

A Reflective Journey

16.30m  Talking about this is helping me to reflect on the journey of my business.  It’s important too to remember the reason I started my business was because I couldn’t get back from work to collect my 5 year old from school.  I felt awful.  I always come back to my ‘why’.

Perspective of Time

18.30m  Emma also talks about her realisation point that she was trying to stop the clock travelling home from her corporate job because she was late collecting the girls.  And one of Vicki’s affirmations is

“I always have more than enough time for me, my business and my family”

We cannot pause time but we cannot make a shift in ourselves about what we get done in the day.  We need to be realistic and change boundaries about the amount of time we need and when we can deliver things for customers or do things for people.  I’m also realistic about their boundaries and expectations too.  They go both ways.


Vicki also talks about how she’s still adjusting her boundaries and putting new things in place with shutting down her facebook at weekends because lots of people message her, so she’ll be answering enquiries and messages in realistic times but not all the time.

Another of Vicki’s boundaries is that she doesn’t tell people when she goes away on holiday and even managed to go to New Zealand last year and no-body even knew she was away!  The business kept running and she’s told clients when she would start their work and deliver outcomes in accordance with her holiday plans, without needing to say she was away.

The Best things for Balance in Business

27.0m Here’s a list of the things Vicki would recommend that all contribute to having that balance in business.  Switch up your mindset so that you believe you CAN do all of this.  Believing that you are here to do your core job, means I can do that when I enlist the help of other people.

  • Definitely get help and support in your business
  • Enlist people who give you advice – like her VA.
  • Ensure you know where your money is coming from, so payment plans have been a great part of her business, so she already knows what money will be coming in.
  • Be careful about time in business and in your personal time
  • Do all the positive mental stuff you need to do.
  • Get the balance of hormones and ensure you feel well, eat right, do self care, move more.  These are all simple things to put into place.
  • In the school holidays, there were payment plans, online courses, childminder and other days just spend with my son.
  • Set up automated messages so that people know when you will contact them.

You do not have to be there all of the time.

Listen to the stories and chat and the reflective journey that Vicki shared with Emma on the podcast.

Let me know if this was helpful to you.  Are you already doing some of these things or do you need help with increasing your confident, self belief or mindset?  If so, you can get your free guide to dealing with overwhelm HERE.

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