Whether you have children or not, you’re going to want time off and need to find the balance from work, business, home. This week Emma talks through a variety of mindset changes and strategy tips to help you enjoy time off. Remember you are doing your best so be kind to yourself. Look at where you’re putting pressure on yourself and switch up the priorities. Sort the pressure and tasks into 3 lists with Absolutely, Be nice to do, Could do. Then plan out the day or the week so that you and the kids know what to expect. We all benefit from routine. Emma talks through how to change your mindset up about certain places or activities. Notice where you can get a win for you and the kids. Create opportunities for a cuppa and connection with your kids as this has huge benefits for all of you. Learn about managing the day, the week with clear boundaries and expectations too. For more info or to work with Emma https://emmalangton.com/work-with-me/

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