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This week Emma tackles the subject of Overwhelm. It’s a fast paced world with tons of stimulation so how do we handle it when you feel you just can’t cope or you’re head is so full you can’t think straight. She covers how to recognise when you’re overwhelmed by noticing – what’s going on in your body – what happens in your mind – how it makes you feel. That way you can identify your personal overwhelm signs and then how to deal with it. She talks you through a few steps, the first is a trick that even though it seems rubbish is really effective – breathing! Then Emma explains about taking a step back even when you don’t feel you can. Then break down the overwhelm and get it out of your head. Make a plan about what to do with all those things Ask for help where needed Give yourself a break. Get your free overwhelm Don’t forget to get your self doubt to self belief free guide

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