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This week I talk to Gemma Stow.  She loves to help empower women to step into the spotlight.  Gemma works with lots of Introverts from corporate and entrepreneur worlds and helps them to “find their fierce” and inner confidence to be yourself and do things in a way that is good for you.

Emma asked how Gemma manages to do things in her own way in her business.  Gemma shares what she realises about how she managed in previous businesses where she had other people to do things she was no comfortable with

Gemma talks about being an introvert in business with the challenges that brings..  A great example is networking with the cringe about the small talk and now she does her own events that listen to what she wants.

There comes a point when we have to let ourselves shine and do the things we find difficult.

“No-one can be as passionate about your business than you”

They talk about how Gemma manages at big events and how an introvert feels seeing others at events, preparing before, but not afterwards and the “introvert hangover” and how to feel grounded again and get the balance and how self-awareness is so important.

Gemma has an “Introverts Inspire” podcast and she is passionate about getting rid of the stereotype and labels around introverts and talks about what she wants people to be able to ditch the labels and use their skills to their advantage.

Gemma’s key message would be to say yes to things and trust that you can do what you can’t.

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