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When doubts run through our minds it can drag us down and have us feeling negative, fed-up and definitely not at our best. Self doubt can hold us back in just one area, or many areas of our lives. It can be quite draining. Here Emma runs through 5 steps that you can do to shift those self doubts and build into more solid and positive beliefs. If you’d like a free guide to help you with these steps from Self Doubt to Self Belief then get it here When you get thoughts about “what if this doesn’t work” or other “what ifs” that are ultimately “what if I’m not good enough”. The 5 steps covered are: 1. Identify the doubts and own them 2. Challenge the doubts with key ways to do that 3. Change the way you think about doubts 4. Identify goals and steps to move forward 5. Recognise the progress and build new beliefs If you’d like some personalised help or support to shift your self doubt then get in touch with Emma at

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