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It’s my podcast birthday this week, so even though I’m only on episode 46, I’ve been publishing for a whole year!  I had a break during November and December when my lovely mum died, but other than that, I’ve been publishing an episode a week since last July.

As a way of celebrating the year of podcasting I’m asking for you to give me a little gift of a review on the podcast on the I-tunes Podcast app.

Now, I know lots of people have struggled with this, so I’ve given some tips on the episode and here for you too.

  • Open the I-tunes Podcast App.
  • Search for my podcast
  • Tap the image that comes with my podcast
  • Scroll down until you find “Ratings and Reviews”
  • Then find the tiny bit that says “Write a Review”

There you can leave some lovely comments about me and the podcast show.  You can use your name or a pseudonym

I read out all the reviews on the show too so if you tune in you might hear me mention your name! 

Note:  If you listen on another device such as stitcher, googleplay or spotify, please leave a review there too, it just shows up differently for me.

If you listen on my website page, then leave a comment at the bottom of the blog text.

Top 10 Episodes

I’ve also given you a Top 10 of the episodes this week, to give you a highlight and help you understand what other people are listening to.  Also there might have been a time when you wanted to go back and listen to any you’ve missed, or if there was something you meant to do after listening and life took over and you forgot, now’s the time to do that.

Here’s the top 10:

Each title enables you to click the link straight through to the episodes.

  1. BBP39 Getting Through Tough Times

I cover in this episode some ways to help you get through tough times.  There’s also a funny story about how I trained my husband to help me by listening and not trying to fix everything. 

  1. BBP21 Successful Goals

This was a great episode that I did at the start of the year, but revisiting your goals and making them successful is something you can do at any time of year.

  1. BBP31 An A to Z of Strategies for Resilience

I think at the time of recording I didn’t manage much for the Z but lots of people came up with suggestions after I published.  But you need to have things in your daily life that help you with that ‘bounce-back-ability” so that you can manage and not just ‘push through’. 

  1. BBP4 Creating Great Business Boundaries

Of course I love that boundaries is a popular episode and I give lots of information about great business boundaries, but it’s not just in business, because I talk about people who struggle to switch off, need to respond to texts, messages, emails at ridiculous hours of the day and night.

  1. BBP37 When You Worry Too Much

There’s a fantastic tip in this episode where I talk through using a “worry chair” to alleviate the worries.  Rather than trying to ignore the worries, we can train our brain to recognise the moments and have tools to use to stop the worry getting out of hand.

  1. BBP32 Being Equipped for Difficult Situations with Nicola Richardson

This was a fabulous episode and the top 10 guest episode with Nicola.  There’s a fabulous chat that we have about some difficult situations and details of a course that Nicola provides.

  1. BBP2 Creating Your Happy Place

This is my most favourite episode.  I use this all the time, when things are difficult, when life gets too much or just when I’m at the dentist, waiting for something and even travelling.  It talks through how to create your happy place. 

  1. BBP6 Dealing with Overwhelm

There is a free guide to go along with this too, to help you deal with overwhelm.  You can get it here at and get the download.  The episode talks you through what to do too.

  1. BBP10 The Power of Visualisation

 The interesting thing with visualisation is that you can trick your brain to believing that ‘thing’ has already happened.  So when you go to do something for real, your brain thinks you’ve already done it, so you are much calmer, more confident and actions become more automatic.

  1. BBP5 From Self Doubt to Self Belief

         The Top spot on the Business Balance Podcast is talking about self doubt to self belief.  There’s also a free guide for this at  This is something I work with an awful lot and I run through the steps I use with all my clients.

If you’re ready to work with me, then contact me and lets talk about how you can move from self doubt, get out of overwhelm, learn visualisation, set your goals, create great boundaries, stop the worries and be awesome.


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