BBP3 Are You Listening to Your Negative Self Talk?

BBP3 Are You Listening to Your Negative Self Talk?

Did you know that the way we talk to ourselves can have a massive impact on the way we think, feel and view ourselves? So many times Emma hears people with negative self talk.  “I’m no good at …”

Did you know that the way we talk to ourselves can have a massive impact on the way we think, feel and view ourselves? So many times Emma hears people with negative self talk. 

“I’m no good at …”

 “I can’t do ….” 

“I’m so silly” 

“I’m fat” 

“I don’t deserve ……” 

In this episode Emma explains what happens when we are negative about ourselves and how we can change that.

Listen to Your Negative Self Talk

Maybe you already know some of the things you say about yourself, or maybe you need to take a little time to actually listen to the words you use, the phrases you say and the way you talk to yourself and even about yourself.  What do you hear?  Negative phrases and comments can become embedded in your subconscious mind so that you repeat them without realising.  Once you start listening to yourself you’ll be surprised at what you hear.

Be Your Own Best Friend

If you want to make improvements in your own self talk and improve the way you think and feel about yourself then you need to be your own best friend.  Think about how you might guide and advise your best friend and then turn that phrasing, positivity and praise towards yourself.  It might not be easy for you to hear – initially.  It will get better and easier the more you do it.

Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and be kind to others around you too.  Although we’re working on self talk, all talk is important.  It’s much easier to have complete positive thoughts and language rather than kind words for yourself and forgetting to be positive and kind to others around you!  If you see someone with great hair or gorgeous shoes, say so!  If your child shows nice manners, say “hey nice manners”.  You will feel good, but you know what?  They will too and so it improves the attitude of everyone around you that you interact with.  That in itself reduces the negativity.

Complement Yourself

We are rubbish at this.  Particularly us with the good British stiff-upper -lip / don’t-show-our-feelings.  When we don’t show our feelings to others, we don’t show them to ourselves.  So, start to complement yourself.  Do this regularly and see if you notice a difference in the way you feel about yourself.

Talking more positively to ourselves will have a great impact on the way we view ourselves.  You start to embed more positive comments and phrases in your subconscious mind, so they become more automatic and then progress and positivity gets easier and easier.  So go on, start today, change the way you talk to yourself.  You deserve it!

You can get in touch with me, let me know how you get on with this or to book a call so we can talk about how to re-programme that negativity and get your feeling great about yourself.

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Emma Langton

Emma Langton

Executive Leadership Coach

Emma hosts the Lessons for Leaders podcast. Each week she brings you lessons, learnings, tips and advice to enable you to lead with ease in business, without stress, doubt and overwhelm so that I help you to increase your performance, be resilient and thrive in life. Emma has been providing coaching, training and therapeutic support for executives since setting up her business in 2011. Prior to that she spent over 20 years with people at the top of national and multi-national training and communication businesses.


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