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For Valentines day, to share a bit of what I LOVE to do, I’ve got a very special offer for you.

I’ve set aside 10 spaces for a 1 hour, 1:1 intensive with me. I normally only run intensives for at least 2 hours and they’re investment of £329. But because it’s my birthday, I’m offering a 1 HOUR SESSION FOR ONLY £125!

You can book your session here – when 10 are gone, they’re gone.  Any questions get in touch.

This week on the podcast I’m talking about ways you can love your work more.

Let’s face it we spend a bit part of our lives at work and it’s always so much easier when we love what we do.

There can be many reasons why we might not love what we do.  We might have fallen out of love with it for a variety of reasons.  Here’s what we can do:

1.  Plan and Schedule

 When you schedule your day or week you feel like you’re in control.  You can see where you have gaps, or busy times and make adjustments.

Instead of having a massive to-do list creating overwhelm, stress or nagging feelings, your brain can rest easy knowing that time is allocated to do that job.

Each day do the biggest or most important things first.  That way you use all your fresh brain power when you need it most. 

2. Stop Multitasking

Concentrate on one thing and do it well.  When we switch from one thing to another, or get distracted with notifications and emails, the reality we’re just doing really fast switching.  It’s not the most efficient way to work and we end up tired and fed up and feeling unproductive – or that we’re working harder to get less done.  That’s just demoralising!

3.  Boundaries

You might need to change your mindset or perspective about boundaries in order to say goodbye to your desk, laptop or email.  Then you can be actively engaged in your social and leisure time.  You might be saying that you can’t afford to do this.  Well, apparently more people than ever would consider a salary cut in order to improve their quality of life.  Take action to get that better balance.

4. Be Sociable

When we spend all our time working, we have less positive interactions and less pleasant experiences.  That means less positive feel-good chemicals.  

Oxytocin – often called the love hormone, is released when we interact with touch, hugs and love.  When oxytocin is released, it reduces stress, anxiety, promotes connection and feelings of trust, which all aid relaxation!

So you might feel too tired to be social or interact with friends or loved ones, but science says it’s good for you!

5.  Get Feedback

Take step back and seeing yourself through the eyes of someone else.  Or gather information about what people value from you, and what they don’t.  That might be opening up to some feedback you might not want to receive, so you need to be brave here.  However you might be surprised at the feedback you receive.  And a bit of customer love is always helpful to boost your morale.

6. Change Your Self Talk

See more about speaking to yourself the way you would a friend.  

7.  List Your Accomplishments

Make a love book.  Gather things that show you’re good at what you do.  Start with certificates, then feedback, photos,  letters of achievement, the congrats letters etc.

Feeling good about yourself helps you to love yourself and your work more.

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