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We all have times when anxiety is in our life. I want you to begin to consider that everyone feels anxious from time to time. I know that often people feel like it’s just them.

The key to helping you overcome anxiety is recognising it’s there. Anxiety is worrying or a feeling of unease, fear or worry.  All of us can have some form or level of anxiety in our lives, although usually in a mild way or for a short period of time or because of a particular event or circumstance in our lives. 

There might be anxiety about everyday things. Listen when I explain what might cause anxiety and some anxieties that come up in my house.

Anxious symptoms can differ from person to person.  Listen in where I list what some of these might be.

Sometimes we can trace things back to a specific time, place or situation when they began to feel frightened, worried or anxious. Those feelings can be repeated and re-played on a regular basis. 

There may be life circumstances, like a busy job, work pressure or hectic home life that leave someone feeling anxious. What you might not realise is that your diet may impact the way you feel. 

If you really want to overcome anxiety it’s often worth taking a bit of time to consider where it’s coming from or what might be causing it.

Although I do recognise that sometimes we have no idea.

What helps us overcome anxiety?
Breathing – Taking a deep breath down into your stomach releases feel-good chemicals, which in turn help to calm down the brain and body functions.  It’s been scientifically proven to help calm us.

Stop the Catastrophe 16.10m
Our brain is wired to assess a situation and make quick decisions. This means we can often run away into doom and gloom and everything is a catastrophe. When that happens we need to bring this back.

Be Logical 17.35m
Once you’ve done the breathing and calmed down, you can be more logical and analyse the situation and look for another outcome than can happen.

Is there any other way I can look at this?
Is there any other reason I can have for this thinking?
How true is my thinking?
What other way can I begin to think about this scenario?
Instead of focussing on the catastrophe you begin to see possibility.

Control the emotions 19.45m
So we want to make sure that we are not getting into a situation where our emotions control our reasoning. Those emotions are a pain in backside when they kick off and stop us doing things we want to do.

Speak to someone 19.45m
So it’s also important to speak to other people. Often those thoughts go round and round in our heads and if we can just manage to speak to someone about what’s going on in our head, or tell someone how we are feeling then the anxiety calms right down. 

It’s important to increase our feel good chemicals to balance out the good stuff with the anxious chemicals.

Exercise 22.25m
Exercise is also great for boosting those feel-good chemicals, rather than having those anxious thoughts and feelings. This doesn’t have to be at the gym. It might just be a walk in your lunch-break or a run round the park with your kids.

Music 23.40m
Music is a great way to increase the feel-good feelings. I know people who have created particular play-lists which are calming or upbeat.

Journalling 24.40m
Writing things enables you to connect with the thoughts and feelings.
It might also help you recognise patterns of anxiety or just offload thoughts each day.

Healthy Diet
Diet is so important. If you’ve been anxious all day then go for take-away or quick food it might be loaded with sugar and that’s not good for anxiety. Try to plan ahead for any anxious or difficult days.

The more you work on anxiety the easier it is to stop it taking hold. It’s really OK that different things work for different people.  Find out what helps you to stop your anxiety. 

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