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Emma shares details of a client’s journey after burnout in his job. Listen to the difference in how he felt before and after coaching. You can book a call to discuss working with Emma at Key factors for her client were: – always expected a negative reaction, – worried what people thought, – really pessimistic, – awake at night, – struggling to deal with people. He took a 5 month break from work and then got a new job. He knew he needed help and support to make the changes required so the same situation didn’t happen again. Emma talks through her coaching process and how it is planned out. The outcomes for her client were: – knowing what lights him up and restores his energy – having selections of tools & techniques – be able to communicate better – changing habits – no longer taking the easy options – positive feelings and interactions with others He said ” I’m comfortable in my own skin. I now see my own value and I feel like I achieve every day”

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