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Visualisation is powerful tool that is now widely used. We can create a vision of how we want to be and stop worries, self doubt or anxiety. Our brains are naturally wired to notice the negatives, so we need tools to help wire our brain for the positive and reach those goals. Listen as Emma tells the story of a client who used this to great effect. Our brain can’t distinguish between real and imaginary so we can practice visualising exactly how we wish to be and this can embed into our subconscious brain. Emma talks you thought the steps you can take and even if you don’t think you see pictures, there’s still things you can do. – get really clear on goals – create positive wording – decide how you feel – recognise body language Include all these in the visualisation in the way Emma describes. It increases self belief and that’s really powerful. Get your free Self Belief guide Want your personalised plan?

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