Did you have plans for the year, but after the first quarter you realise they’re just not happening?  Often we know what we want to do, but can struggle to achieve it.  One thing that holds us back is self doubt.  It’s a pesky little thing but can have a big impact on our progress and our success.

All those seemingly ‘little’ nagging thoughts, words, phrases and even feelings that tap away can have a big impact on what we do, how we function and how well we’re able to get on those plans, goals and dreams.

Some of the ways that self doubt affects us are:

  • It stops us from doing things we really want to.
  • We feel that things are too big, too difficult
  • We might be worrying what people think
  • It leaves us not good enough, not qualified enough, not clever enough – basically not enough in some way.

It can be debilitating because it stops us in our tracks and holds us back.  One thing is for sure – we all experience self doubt at some point or other in our lives.

The thing is that we can work on mindset and beliefs just as much as we might be working on tidying up our garden or working out at the gym!

Now I’m not promising I’ve got some magic wand to get rid of self doubt completely but you can find the right tools to get you where we want to be, to think more clearly in a way that is helpful and supportive for us.

3 Easy Steps from Self Doubt into Success

  1. When things are too big or too difficult

Break tasks and activities down into sizeable manageable chunks.  Everything can be broken down even the things we think ‘should’ be easy or quick.  Making things smaller, shorter, easier means they can seem more achievable.

  1. Worrying what people think.

Other people are always going to have thoughts and opinions.  We’re never going to stop that.  There is a part of us that wants to be accepted (since we’re traditionally tribal people).  We can assess whether what we do means we’ll be in great danger of rejection or if it’s more about our thoughts trying to keep us safe.

  1. Feeling not good enough

Take some time to look back over previous experiences where you have achieved and you have been good enough.  Keep a file of the things you’ve achieved, your certificates, qualifications, feedback or testimonials.  I like to advise my clients to call this the ‘love book’.  The more details you have the better you’ll be able to assess and reflect on past situations and use them to help you progress in current situations.

Finally, know that it’s OK to step out of your comfort zone

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If you’re not sure, then book a chat to ensure that it’s right for you

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